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Wheelie Rider

New game from RiverGames!

Wheelie Rider is a simple game involving bicycle wheelies. The player tries to maintain a wheelie through an almost never-ending stage for as long as possible. The stage consists of different kinds of blocks and becomes more and more difficult as the player progresses. It is safe to ride on the black blocks, but be careful not to hit your front tire or your head on the transparent tiles!


We hope you’ll enjoy the game!

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Wheelie Bike

You've got grandma's old bike, and now you can begin your career!

Ride your bike in fine scenery and collect points for wheelies and flips! The main objective is to do a wheelie for as many meters as possible. The controls are simple, just gas and brake. Many stages from all around the world, many different bikes. Game is free to download.


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Wheelie Bike screenshot Wheelie Bike screenshot


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